Help Hank Today!

His Prognosis Is Good But He'll Be With Us For A While

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!


Our boy Hank is doing AMAZING! (If you want to read Hank's story, click here) Hank is now able to stand on his own and has started trying to walk again! He is beginning to regain bowel and bladder function also! We are overjoyed at his progress but he still has a long road ahead of him. Hank will continue to be on antibiotics for the next 6 months and will probably end up staying on them for life as this infection is a bad one. The neurologist has cleared him to start physical therapy so we will be looking for a rehab center to get him started with soon. The neurologist also told us that we can fully expect Hank TO WALK AGAIN! This is just the best news and gives us all the feels. Thank you to everyone who donated to help us get the care Hank needed.

Hank will be staying with us for the foreseeable future. We have started this sponsorship page just for Hank where you can sign up to have your monthly donation go directly towards his medication and physical therapy bills. Sponsorships can be started for as little as $10 monthly, we are appreciative of any help you can give!

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