Aslan Still Needs Your Help!

He Continues To Need Specialty Vet Care

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Aslan was our first special case of the year, he was surrendered to us in January after his owner could no longer afford his care. He came to us blind and unwilling to eat. We took him to one of our local vet partners to have him examined and undergo a gamut of lab tests. It was quickly discovered that he has a ruptured eye but it wasn't until the next morning, once some of the lab results were in, that we would get insight on how serious his condition was.

The vet called and advised that we needed to rush him to the ER as he was headed for a diabetic crisis. The ER vet confirmed that Aslan was in diabetic ketoacidosis, which is what happens when diabetes has gone untreated for too long and there isn't enough insulin in the body. However his PH levels are in a good range to expect a favorable outcome for treatment. Sixty hours in the ICU and a $5,000 vet bill later, Aslan returned to his foster home to recuperate.

Thanks to the support of many of our fans, we raised money on GoFundMe and won 2nd place in a popular vote contest that donated an additional $1,000 to cover his ICU bill and trips to the Ophthalmologist for his perforated left eye. But unfortunately Aslan continues to have difficulties.

In April he was rushed to the ER in the middle of the night to discover that he had developed sudden onset Glaucoma which is very painful. And he continues to work closely with specialists to try to better regulate his diabetes. Aslan's medical bills continue to climb, any help you can give to help us with his monthly medications, vet visits and occasional ER visits is much appreciated!

Aslan's Monthly Expenses:

  • Insulin and Syringes - $125
  • Eye medications - $110
  • Prescription Food - $50
  • Internal Medicine Vet - $150 per visit
  • Eye Vet - $60 per visit
  • Diabetic supplies for glucose Monitoring - $50
  • Random lab test, ER visits etc - $200

A great big thank you to Mindy J., Lynne T., Christie L., Eileen K. and Michael B. for your monthly contributions!