Aslan Still Needs Your Help!

He Continues To Need Specialty Vet Care

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9 year old Aslan came into rescue in December of 2016. He was immediately rushed to the Emergency Vet and found to be in DKA (Diabetic KetoAcidosis) His prognosis was grim, but we decided to throw everything we had to save him. Because of generous donors, great vet care, and his will to live, he survived. However since then it has not been an easy road. His diabetes has proven to be very hard to control. When he came in one of his eyes was ruptured and the other had a very large Ulcer. While they have finally healed, he now suffers from complete blindness caused by diabetic induced cataracts. He developed Glaucoma in one of his eyes, and if that wasn't enough, he also was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor. Aslan struggled to adjust to his blindness, but with a lot of patience and guidance, he now gets around just fine. He is a very happy boy that loves to go for walks, play with stuffed toys, snuggle and hang out with the other dogs in the house. Because of Aslan's costly care, and his reliance on his foster mom, he will stay in the loving care of the rescue to make sure he gets the care he needs.

Aslan's Monthly Expenses:

  • Insulin and Syringes - $100
  • Eye medications - $160
  • Prescription Food - $100
  • Internal Medicine Vet - $100 per visit
  • Eye Vet - $60 per visit
  • Diabetic supplies for glucose Monitoring - $50
  • Random lab test, ER visits etc - $200

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