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Make a difference for pugs in need!

General contributions cover the gap between adoption donations and the cost of veterinary care. These gifts make a huge difference in our ability give homeless pugs a new life!

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Rescuing Pugs Since 2006

Pacific Pug Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 2006. More than 100 pug obsessed volunteers dedicate themselves to running the organization, including a passionate board of directors, some of whom have been volunteering for us since the beginning.

We rescue, rehabilitate and place unwanted, neglected and abused pugs in permanent adoptive homes that have been carefully screened. The pugs and former owners we work with are from throughout Oregon, Idaho and Washington and we rescue pugs regardless of age or medical condition, seeking to provide for their short and long-term needs. Prior to adoption, our pugs are cared for by our dedicated foster families located in the Portland Metro area. While there and before adoption can occur, our pugs receive medical care including spaying/neutering, dental checks, vaccinations and microchips. In addition to saving pugs, we strive to educate the public about the breed, including its personality, health issues and care, and about the importance of domestic animal population control.

As a charitable non-profit, we rely on donations from the community to care for and save pugs in our community. As a result, there is a minimum adoption donation for each adopted pug. This donation helps pay for medical expenses, which average $1,015 per pug. The typical minimum adoption donation ranges from $150.00 to $550.00, depending on age and a variety of other factors. While we seek the minimum, adopters are always welcome to give more to help other pugs in our community!

Our work wouldn't be possible without volunteers who provide foster homes, transport pugs, review applications, organize fundraising events and so much more. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer in one of these capacities, make sure to check out our Get Involved page and submit an application.

Some Average Veterinary Costs for a Newly Rescued Pug

  • Nail Trim - $12
  • Anal Gland Expression - $25
  • Microchip - $30
  • Bordetella Vaccine - $35
  • DA2PP Vaccine - $41
  • Exam - $40
  • Senior Health Pannel - $145