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Your donations will go towards the care of pugs who cannot be adopted out due to their medical needs.


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Furever Fosters

On occasion, some of our pugs come into the rescue with terminal illness, constant medical needs or have special emotional needs. These dogs are considered unadoptable, yet they are still able to live with a good quality of life. For these dogs, our foster families commit to a lifetime of love and care for the time they have left, and Pacific Pug Rescue provides food, supplies and medical treatment for each dog in the Furever Foster program. Our only funding for this program comes from donations and sponsorships. We rely heavily on our supporters to help us continue to help these sweet seniors live a full, happy comfortable life.

We appreciate your consideration of sponsoring these sweet seniors. For sponsors who choose no end date or those choose to sponsor for at least three months, we are happy to add your name to our list of sponsors. For business or corporate sponsorships, please email us directly at fureverfosters@pacificpugrescue.org so we can appropriately acknowledge your support!

For those who wish to mail in your sponsorship, please click here to download our printable sponsorship form and instructions.

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If you have any questions about our Furever Fosters or sponsorship program, please email us at fureverfosters@pacificpugrescue.org


15 year old Trinity or Grandma and she is lovingly called, was surrendered to us from a shelter on the Southern Coast, she was brought in from a hoarding situation in very poor condition. Trinity has limited use of her back legs, and is incontinent. Trinity has severe and almost constant UTI's that are very hard to treat. She has won the hearts of everyone she meets and spends her time being doted on receiving lots of love.


15 year old Samson was found as a stray in Washington. It seemed poor Samson never received much vet care during his life. It is hard to imagine this poor frail boy walking the streets alone. Samson has a myriad of health issues, including severe ear infections, horrible arthritis, dementia, and incontinence. It appears that at some point in his life he was kicked hard enough to cause a lot of damage to his breast bone. Samson has done remarkably well in his foster home, and enjoys spending time in the yard, hanging out with the kids in his foster home, napping and of course eating! We are honored to give Samson a loving end to a life previously filled with sadness.


14 year old Snug is a wonderful old man who walks around gruffing and puffing and worrying! Snug loves having someone around with him all the time, and worries when he has been left alone too long. Snug recently was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and because of his age he is not a great candidate for chemotherapy. Snug will start a anti inflammatory medication and natural supplements to hopefully keep the cancer at bay as long as possible. We will make sure he receives the best care and lots of love for his remaining time thanks to your donations.


11 year old Kona came to us when he lost the use of his back legs due to pug myelopathy and his owners could not care for him. We purchased Kona a wheelchair and have got him set up in a wonderful furever foster home. Kona is so sweet and happy go lucky. He is polite and always alerts to when he needs to do his business. When he really wants something he uses his sweet sing-song howl. He is such a cuddle bug, he adores snuggling up on the couch. Cuddles are his favorite followed by begging for people food. He loves going on walks on the trail where he can smell all the new smells. Just like a good pug he LOVES to be near you and would follow you from room to room if he could. He is everything wonderful about pugs. He can't use his back legs but lately he has been standing on 3 legs! When we come home he will greet us by standing on 3 :) we have been doing some exercises with him to keep his hind legs and muscles intact. He is sweet with new people and adores his human sister (especially when she drops her snacks). He pulls himself around on the carpet indoors but is in his wheelchair in the yard and on walks. If you would like to follow Kona's adventures, he is on instagram @pugpartyof3


15 year old Morty was found wandering and taken to the shelter. After no one came to get him, we were called to help. We were worried when we picked Morty up. he was in bad shape and it was apparent he had little to no vet care his entire life, we thought his stay with us would be very short, but we still wanted to give him a chance. Morty's eye was in very bad shape, we tried to save it but it was too far gone and he was in extreme pain. The risk was great, but we didn't have much of a choice but to send him to surgery to remove it. Morty did great with his surgery and is feeling so much better! He may be one of the cutest old man pugs we have ever seen! He is a sweet boy that is so happy for all the love he is receiving. He likes to be held and cuddled and have his ears rubbed. He is a frail old arthritic man but we are dedicated to giving him a great last chapter in his life with lots of love and care, we hope it will make up for all the years he went without a loving family.

Are you looking to sponsor Aslan? We've set up a sponsorship page just for him. You can view it by clicking here.

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