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Your donations will go towards the care of pugs who cannot be adopted out due to their medical needs.

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Furever Fosters

On occasion, some of our pugs come into the rescue with terminal illness, constant medical needs or have special emotional needs. These dogs are considered unadoptable, yet they are still able to live with a good quality of life. For these dogs, our foster families commit to a lifetime of love and care for the time they have left, and Pacific Pug Rescue provides food, supplies and medical treatment for each dog in the Furever Foster program. Our only funding for this program comes from donations and sponsorships. We rely heavily on our supporters to help us continue to help these sweet seniors live a full, happy comfortable life.

We appreciate your consideration of sponsoring these sweet seniors. For sponsors who choose no end date or those choose to sponsor for at least three months, we are happy to add your name to our list of sponsors. For business or corporate sponsorships, please email us directly at fureverfosters@pacificpugrescue.org so we can appropriately acknowledge your support!

For those who wish to mail in your sponsorship, please click here to download our printable sponsorship form and instructions.

Scroll down to meet our current Furever Fosters and thank you!

If you have any questions about our Furever Fosters or sponsorship program, please email us at fureverfosters@pacificpugrescue.org

A great big thank you to Marja M., Susan H., Karen L., Nicole H., Pamela M., and Rob S. for your monthly sponsorships!

http://busterandlilly.net/ Thank you to Buster & Lilly's Doggie Daycare & Boarding for sponsoring Olive's monthly medications!

Thank you to Powell Veterinary Center for sponsoring Trinity with no-cost laser services!


Twelve year young Olive came into PPR in 2015 and was diagnosed with an aggressive and advance stage nasal carcinoma. We felt that it was in her best interest to stay in the loving care of her foster family as she undergoes chemo. Not only do these pugs need us physically, but sometimes it's in their best interest to stay in our care for their emotional well-being.

Olive's foster family says that she continues to thrive! She has done well with her chemo and her appetite is strong. Now that the sun is coming out more and more, Olive has been frolicking around the garden and has been enjoying more walks around the block. She loves her steady routine of meal, walk, nap, neighborhood noises, meal, sleep. We have discovered something new and endearing about Olive - she is fascinated by children! She loves them and always wants to give them kisses!

Thank you for your continued support for little Olive. She is doing so well and it is because of all her supporters and the PPR family.


14 year old Trinity or Grandma and she is lovingly called, was surrendered to us from a shelter on the Southern Coast, she was brought in from a hoarding situation in very poor condition. Trinity has limited use of her back legs, and is incontinent. Trinity has severe and almost constant UTI's that are very hard to treat. She has won the hearts of several of our fosters and spends her time being doted on receiving lots of love.


Barry is 15 year old boy that came to us from the shelter. He had suffered years of neglect, and as you can imagine being dumped at the shelter at that age was very stressful. His foster mom has been very patient with him and he has learned that a short cuddle isn't all that bad and a good grooming session feels really nice.

Barry may not be a lap dog but he does enjoy the company of his people. His mom often finds him following her around, inquisitive of her doings, wondering if there will be food involved and if he is going to get that food. Barry is kind and gentle and has a very goofy personality. He constantly has us in laughter with his antics.

Barry hardly has any teeth left so eating out of a bowl has been difficult for him, he has had much more success since he started using the loving bowl one of our amazing supporters donated. Unfortunately Barry is in kidney failure and we want this home to be his last. We don't know how much time Barry has left but we are making sure he is very loved and doted on, like all dogs should be in their senior years.


We would like to introduce you to our newest Furever Foster Samson the Pekepug. Samson is 14 years old and was found as a stray in Washington. He has suffered a life time of neglect and has many many health issues. It appears that at some time in the past he suffered a traumatic blow to the chest, which appears to have been caused by being kicked. He has not been neutered which has caused his prostate to be extremely large, which is causing problems with him pooping. (Please Neuter your pets!!!!!!)

Samson is very frail right now and we have already had him seen by our vet to begin treatment for his many ailments. He really enjoys having big fluffy blankets and getting himself all nested in for a nice nap. He is mostly blind and deaf and seems a bit confused as to what is going on right now. We are not sure how much time dear Samson has left, but we are making sure he feels as much love as possible for his last chapter in life.

Are you looking to sponsor Aslan? We've set up a sponsorship page just for him. You can view it by clicking here.